If you have something are not sure whether or not we want it (we probably do!), please hold onto it, we will be ready to open very soon! Thank you so much for you support! ☺

Aluminum Cans —————Aluminum Foil—————Arrows—————Balls
Baskets———————-Beads ———————-Binders————–Blocks
Books————————Bottle———————-Caps —————-Bottles
Bows————————-Boxes———————–Brushes————–Bubble Wrap
Calendars——————–Can Tabs——————–Candles————–Canvas
Cardboard——————–Cards———————–Carpet—————CD Cases
Chalk————————Chalk Boards—————-Charcoals————Charms
Chopsticks Clip Boards
Clock Parts Clothespins Clothing Coffee Canisters
Coffee Filters Colored Pencils Containers Cookie Cutters
Corduroy Corkboard Corks Cotton
Cotton Balls Craft Paper Crayons Denim
Dice Display Boards Drift Wood Dryer Sheets
DVDs Easels Egg Cartons Elastic
Envelopes Erasers Fabric Fasteners
Feathers Felt Film Canisters Flannel
Fleece Floral Supplies Foam Food Containers
Food Jars Fur Game Boards Game Pieces
Gift Bags Gift Boxes Gift Wrap Glass
Glass Bottles Glass Jars Glitter Glue
Googly Eyes Graph Paper Hand Tools Highlighters
Hole Punches Index Cards Jars Jewelry Parts
Key Chains Keys Knobs Lab Glass
Lace Lamp Parts Leather Legos
Lids Magazines Magnets Maps
Marbles Markers Milk Jugs Mod Podge
Newspaper Notebooks Notepads Office Supplies
Paint Brushes Paints Paper Paper Bags
Paper Clips Pegboard Pencil Sharpeners Pencils
Pens Picture Frames Ping Pong Balls Pipe Cleaners
Plastic Bags Plastic Wrap Pop Lids Popsicle Sticks
Poster board Protractors Puzzles PVC Pipe
Quilt Rhinestones Ribbon Rope
Rubber Rubber Bands Rulers Sandpaper
Scissors Screw Tops Seashells Sequins
Sheet Music Silks Skewers Spindles
Sponges Spools Stamp Pads Stampers
Stamps Staples Staplers Stencils
Stickers Storage Bins Straws Styrofoam
Tape Thumbtacks Tin Cans Tins
Tissue Box Tissue Paper Trays Twine
Vases Velcro Velvet Watches
Wire Mesh Wood Wool Wrapping Paper
Yardsticks Yarn Yogurt Containers Zippers

Pretty much anything can be reused! – Please clean all items prior to saving!
Contact: 414-628-6281 or email: for more information or to arrange a pick-up or drop-off. THANK YOU.